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沈立言任「Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine」主編推動台灣中醫藥國際交流 期刊確定納入SCI


        台大食品與生物分子研究中心主任沈立言擔任「Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine」主編,該期刊由衛生福利部委託台大辦理,一同持續推動成立台灣SCI國際級中醫藥學術電子期刊,盼帶動國內中醫藥學術發展之進步。承蒙衛生福利部之經費支持並與沈立言團隊共同努力下,該期刊已於今年4月被納入SCI期刊,預計明年將會公布最新的Impact factor。


        「Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine」為國際級的中醫藥學術電子期刊,目的在使台灣的中醫、中藥及中醫食療邁向國際化,並帶動國內中醫藥學術發展與進步,強化與國際之傳統醫藥學術研究交流網絡。


        在眾人努力下,專業資訊服務提供業者科睿唯安(Clarivate)已於今年4月通知「Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine」已被收錄為SCI期刊,預計明年會公布最新的Impact factor。



「Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine」目的在使台灣的中醫、中藥及中醫食療邁向國際化,並帶動國內中醫藥學術發展與進步。







Prof. Lee-Yan Sheen serves as the Editor-in-Chief of  Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine and this journal was accepted by Clarivate on 28 April


        Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine is an international journal about traditional Chinese medicine. The website of eJTCM offering traditional Chinese medicine and dietary therapy has become internationalized.

        This journal has been supported by the Ministry of Health and Welfare since 2011. eJTCM is not only promoting the academic development of Chinese medicine but also extending the network of international traditional medicine of academic research. eJTCM can be searched in PubMed or SCOPUS data systems and has been accepted by the Joint Commission of Taiwan.

        Thus, eJTCM can be used as an academic journal for hospital evaluation. Besides, CiteScore is 8.4 this year. Thus, we contribute more and more effort to eJTCM and promote the academic development and research of Chinese medicine and insist on accepting only high quality manuscripts and maintaining the highest quality of the articles in the research field. After a series of efforts, Clarivate notified the journal has been included as an SCI journal and an updated Impact factor will be announced in 2022.




        In order that, Sheen was also interviewed by "Rhythms Monthly" magazine. The content of the interview was published in July the 267th issue. He was also invited to talk about the dietary therapy regimen topic on the "Classic TV" program of Daai TV Station on July 25. He introduced the health regimen, which is the way to stay healthy in traditional Chinese medicine. He recommended people choose the right food according to their constitutional types and keep a balance of Yin and Yang. Allow the function of food and diet were not only used to fulfill the hunger and tasty desire but also help you to achieve good health and happiness.

The Director of the National Center for Food Safety Education and Research, Prof. Lee-Yan Sheen, was interviewed by "Rhythms Monthly" magazine and introduced the dietary therapy regimen on Da Ai Television "Classic TV."