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農業化學系有幸邀請到郭瑞琳博士於4月8日到系上發表演講。郭博士畢業於國立陽明大學,並在University of Texas at Austin(德州大學奧斯汀分校)從事博士後研究多年。自2010 年以來,他一直在長庚大學醫學生物技術暨檢驗學系任教。他在那裡從事微生物學和病毒學研究。在郭博士的研討會上,他談到了透過使用體學方法研究RNA 病毒與宿主的相互作用。郭博士對於A型流感病毒及其NS1 蛋白如何對抗細胞抗病毒反應特別感興趣。他經由蛋白質體學方法鑑定了與NS1 相互作用的蛋白質,並使用單細胞測序來研究被腸道病毒A71 (EV-A71) 感染的細胞中基因表現的變化。郭博士旨在了解A型流感病毒如何改變宿主細胞的生物學過程。

Dr. Kuo Rei-Lin (郭瑞琳) delivered a lecture on April 8th at the Department of Agricultural Chemistry. Dr. Kuo graduated from the National Yang-Ming University and worked as a postdoc for many years at the University of Texas at Austin. He has been a faculty at the Department of Medical Biotechnology at Chang Gung University since 2010. Where he is working on microbiology and virology. During his seminar, he talked about studying the RNA virus-host interactions through the use of omics approaches. Dr. Kuo is particularly interested in Influenza A virus and how its NS1 protein can antagonize the cellular antiviral responses. He identified proteins interacting with NS1 through a proteomics approach. He also used single-cell sequencing in order to investigate the changes in gene expression in cells infected by the enterovirus A71 (EV-A71). Dr. Kuo aims to understand how the Influenza A virus alters the biological processes of the host cells.