Achievement of Center for Food and Biomolecules

A.        Specification of Projects

        There are three research emphases at the Center for Food and Biomolecules    (CFB):

1.  Redesign content of the general knowledge course “Food and Health” (2 credits).

2.  Integrate and organize all the equipments available in the College of Bioresources and Agriculture and the Center for Food and Biomolecules.  Additionally, begin their services both internally and externally. 

3.  Strive for additional research funds from the school and the community.  Reinforce creativity in researching for new products in agricultural industry along with commercialization of the products.  Furthermore, reallocate human resources and team up a R&D group to investigate the effects of food and its constituents toward human genome and biological functionality.  In doing so, we hope to promote the preventative effects of food against diseases and their adjuvant role in medical treatments and therapies. 

 B.  Significant findings and achievements

1.  Rearranged the general knowledge course “Food and Health” (2 credits).  There were 391 students in the class of second semester in the year of 2006.  From the process of instructing the course, questions raised by students, interactions between students and teaching assistants and questionnaire filled by students at the end of the semester, students seemed to understand the possible influence of food on human health, which was the primary goal of the course. 

2.  Integrated and reorganized the general procedures for analysis of food components, flow cytometry and other equipments and developed standard operation procedures (SOP) for each.  As well, finished service items requested by the school (NTU), internal and external research units and the food industry.            

3.  In recent two years, the center has gained 21 million dollars from the school, the government and local companies,and thus the following achievements were obtained: 

    (1) Published a SCI paper called “Effects of Adlay (Coix lachrymal-jobi L. var. ma-yuen Stapf.) hull extract on the secretion of progesterone and estradiol”.

   (2) Developed a health oriental tea named “Taita Refresher” manufactured and sold by NTU farm.  Technologies of two new products are undergoing negotiations. 

    (3) Finished the first year work assigned in the integrative cross-faculty, cross-department, three-year project called “Separation of anti-inflammatory components from adlay seed and its product development for lightening radiation-induced side effects” and found the ethanol extract of adlay bran is worthy of further research.