Bao-Ji Chen

Cornell University, USA

Professional Specialty
Animal nutrition and feed formulating

Former Deans
Name Duration
Peng-Hwa Tsai 1945°„1946
Yi-tao Wang 1947°„1948
Chen-Tuo Chen 1948°„1952
Cheng Chow 1952°„1954
Paul C. Ma 1954°„1961
Yen-Tien Chang 1961°„1965
Yuen-Liang Ku 1965°„1972
Tang-Shui Liu 1972°„1977
Chao-Chen Chen 1977°„1983
Yuan-Chi Su 1983°„1989
Tsong-Shien Wu 1989°„1995
Tian-Fuh Shen 1995°„1998
Wen-Shi Wu 1998°„2001
Ping-Shih Yang 2001°„2004
B.H. Chiang 2004°„2005
Bao-Ji Chen 2005°„present
College of Bioresources and Agriculture,
National Taiwan University

Departments and
Graduate Institute

Bio-Environmental Systems Engineering
Agricultural Chemistry
Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Animal Science and Technology
Agricultural Economics
Veterinary Medicine
Bio-Industry Communication and Development
Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering
Food Science and Technology
Institute of Biotechnology
Affiliated Organization
Experimental Farm
Experimental Forest
Highlands Experiment Farm
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Agricultural Exhibition Hall
Hydrotech research Laboratory
Agricultural Extension Committee
Education and Research Center for Agricultural Automation
Consulting Center for Statistics and Bioinformatics
Center for International Agricultural Education and Academic Exchanges
Research Center of Food and Biomolecules
Electron Microscope Laboratory
Isotope Laboratory
Farm Machinery Workshop
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