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Full-time: 19
Part-time: 2
Ph.D. Degree: 21



Sen-Fuh Chang: Ph.D., University of California (Chairperson)
Kang-Nang Wang: Ph.D., Kyushu University
Jai-Tsung Shaw: Ph.D., University of Saskat-chewan
Fu-Ming Lu: Ph.D., University of California
Din-Sue Fon: Ph.D., Iowa State University
Chung-Hsing Wu: Ph.D., Washington State Univer-sity
Suming Chen: Ph.D., University of California
Ta-Te Lin: Ph.D., Cornell University
Yuan-Nan Chu: Ph.D., Texas A&M University
Jyh-Cherng Shieh: Ph.D., National Taiwan University
Jui-Jen Chou: Ph.D., University of California
Wei Fang: Ph.D., Rutgers University

Associate Professors

Yeun-Chung Lee: Ph.D., Universityof Massachus-sett
Chu-Yang Chou: Ph.D., University of Florida
Yew-Shing Ouyang: Ph.D., Purdue University
Chung-Kee Yeh: Dr.-Ing., Tech. University of Berlin

Assistant Professors

Li-Chy Chen: Ph.D., Kyushu University
Joe-Air Jiang: Ph.D., National Taiwan University
Tzang-Jih Cheng: Ph.D., National Cheng Kung University

Assistant and staff

Ching-Yen Yang
Hang Chang
Chia-Hui Chang

Jing-Shyr Jea
Chin-Fa Lee
Wan-Chung Ho
Ching-Long Huang

Ray-Jyu Lin
Yu-Mei Chen
Wu-Shen Chen


Assistant Professors

Shen-Jen Chen: Ph.D., University of California
Chih-Huang Ho: Ph.D., Rice University


The department consists of Main Farm Machinery Hall, Teaching Hall and New Lab Building, with a total construction area of 6,497 square meters. 120 sets of basic facilities were set up in the New Lab Building for the course of farm machinery practice, including metal working, electrical wiring and welding. Special labs include Field Machinery Lab, Farm Power Lab, Physical Proper-ties Lab for Agricultural products, Farm Electricity Control Lab, Agricultural Wastes Management lab and the CAD Room.
There are about 100 farm machines for teaching purposes. These include tractors, combines, high-speed spra-yers, cereal grain handling and storage systems, vacuum collecters, etc.
More than 137 pieces of equipments registered for research are available in this department, namely, the tractor PTO dynamometers, rheometers, temperature and humidity chambers, vibration testing system, universal testing machine, strain gauge amplifiers and recording devices, specific heat and calorimeter, carbon dioxide and gas analyzer, and so on.
Supplemental teaching equipment amounts to 80 items, which include personal computers, Chinese word processors and computers, IBM work stations, plotters, soil bins, farm electricity systems, automatic control systems, drawing tools and instruments, etc.
The department owns its library, with more than 80 titles of domestic and foreign journals and more than 2,700 volumes related to farm machinery which can be circulated.


(1) Undergraduate  Program

The objectives of teaching in the department are to help students become more independent, creative and analytical in their thinking. With the existing labs and agricultural machinery workshop facilities, students are trained to be more knowledgeable in the field of bio-industrial mechatronics engineering. The department offers a four-year program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. Students must complete a minimum of 143 credits, of which 122 are required. The required courses, covering the basics leading to a Bachelor's degree, include introduction to Bio-industry, Mechanism, Organic Chemistry, Design of Machine Elements, Principles and Applications of Microprocessor, and others. Below are the lists of courses and credit hours for each year:

The First Year :
Calculus (8), General Physics (6), General Physics lab (2), General Biology (3), General Chemistry (3), General Chemistry lab (1), Computer Programming Language (2), Introduction to Life Sciences and Mechatronics (1), Introduction to Bio-industrial Mechatronics Engineering (1), Engineering Darwing and Computer Graphics (2).

The Second Year :
Engineering Mathematics (6), Applied Mechanics (3), Engineering Materials (3), Thermodynamics (3), Mechanism (3), Organic Chemistry (3), Machine Shop Practice (1), Introduction ot Electrical Engineering (3), Strength of Materials (3), Power Machinery (3), Introduction ot Biological Chemistry (3), Electtrical Engineering Laboratory (1).

The Third Year :
Electronics (3), Fluid Mechanics (3), Automatic Control (3), Hydraulics and Pneumatics (3), Design of Machine Elements (3), Electronics Laboratory (1), Heat Transfer (3), Principles and Applications of Microprocessor (3), Measurement Principles and Applications (3), Bio-industrial Machinery I (3), Bioprocess Engineering (3), Bio-industrial Engineering Practice (1).

The Fourth Year :
Thesis (2), Measurement of Biological Systems (3), Mechatronics and Laboratory (3).

(2) The Master's Program

The research topics for the Master's programs are grouped into three categories: Machinery and System, Measurement and Control, Material and process. Within two to four years, a full time student must take at least 24 credits (excluding the 6 credits for the master's thesis). The general required courses are: Seminar (4), Speciatopics for graduate (8) and thesis (6).

(3) The Doctoral Program:

The doctoral programs are also grouped into three categories: Machinery and System, Measurement and Control, Material and Process, Each chosen field offers a 2-7 years program leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Agriculture. Graduate students must take a minimum of 24 credits, (excluding the 12 for the thesis writing). The required courses are:Seminar (6), Special topics for Ph.D. Program (8) and Dissertaion (12).


Kang-Nang Wang (Prof.) :
Principle of Farm Machinery, Farm Machinery Test, Practical Farm Machinery Design, Special Topics on Cultivating Machinery, Special Topics on Automation of Farm Machinery

Jai-Tsung Shaw (Prof.) :
Machine Design, Introduction to Agricultural Automation, Machinery of Agricultural Products, Seminar on Automated Agriculture, Thermal Environment Engineering, Cold Chain Facility for Fresh Food

Din-Sue Fon (Prof.) :
Introduction to Agricultural Machinery, the Application of Computer in Agriculture, Fluid Machinery, Introduc-tion to Agri-science, Graindrying

Fu-Ming Lu (Prof.) :
Agricultural Processing Engineering, Experi-mental Design and Analysis in Engineering, Statistics for Engineers, Special Topics on Harvesting Machinery, Refrigeration and Food Freezing Engineering, Advanced Agricultural Process Engineering, Farm Machinery Test

Sen-Fuh Chang (Prof.) :
Operations Research Systems Analysis, Expert System in Agriculture, Drying and Storage of Farm Products, Engineering Mathematics

Chung-Hsing Wu (Prof.):
Automatic Control, Control Sys-tems, Advanced Agricultural Process Engineering, Incineration Engineering and Control for Waste Disposal, Farm Machinery Test

Suming Chen (Prof.) :
Engineering Mathematics, Numeri-cal Methods, Interface Applications of Microprocessor, Physical Properties of Agricultural Products, Advanced Agricultural Process Engineering, Nondestructive Test of Agricultural Products and Food.

Ta-Te Lin (Prof.) :
Computer Programming Language, Microcom-puter Programming and Application, Engineering for Preserving Biological Materials, Mechanics of Biological materials, Biological Engineering Analysis and Modeling, Principles and Applications of Digital Image Processing

Yuan-Nan Chu (Prof.) :
Fundamentals of Electrical Engine-ering, finite Element Method, Instru-mentation, Mechanical Analysis and Design, Farm Machinery Test

Jhy-Cherng Shieh (Prof.) :
Electronics, Engineering Drawing, Computer Aided Design and Manufa-cturing, Computer Graphics Principle, Theory and Application of Microprocessor, Manufacturing Process, Fluid Mechanics, Antomatic Confrol

Jui-Jen Chou (Prof.) :
Introduction to Mechatronics, Dynamics and Control of Robots Geometrics Modeling for Computer Graphics Design and Simulation of Automated System, Digital Control System

Wei-Fang (Prof.) :
Thermodynamics, Microcomputer Programming and Application, Opera-ting System, systems Analysis, Contrlled Environment Agricultural Engineering, Design and Analysis of Thermal System

Yeun-Chung Lee (Asso. Prof.) :
Strength of Materials. Food processing Machinery, Food Packaging Machi-nery, Cold Chain Facility for Fresh Food, Farm Machinery Test, Nondestructive Test of Agricultural Products and Food

Chu-Yang Chou (Asso. Prof.) :
Applied Mechanics, Agricultural Information Systems and Practices, Expert System in Agriculture, Agricul-tural Waste Treatment Engineering, Fermentation Process Engineering,

Yes-Shing Ouyang (Asso. Prof.) :
Machinery Design, Engineering Materials, Advanced Mechanics of Materials, Advanced Mechanical System Design

Chung-Kee Yeh(Asso. Prof.):
Tractor and Vehicle Engineering, Human Factors Engineering, Farm Power, Special Topics on Farm Tractor, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Engineering, Mechanical Vibration, Measurement and Analysis of Vibration and Noise.

Li-Chy Chen (Assi. Prof.) :
Chemical properties of agricultural products, applied biology

Joe Air Jiang (Assi. Prof.) :
Electronics, Automatic Control

Tzang-Jih Cheng (Assi. Prof.) :
Measurement Principle and Applications

Jau-Ming Chang (Part-time Asso. Prof.) :
Production and Operation Management

Shean-Jen Chen (Part-time Assi. Prof.) :
Theory and Biological Applications of Signal Processing.

Chih-Huang Ho (Part-time Assi. Prof.) :
Design and Application of Bioreactor.

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