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Since the retrocession of Taiwan to the Republic of China, the successful imple-mentation of the land reform program has solved fundamental problems of agriculture and improved farmers living, the late Vice President Chen Cheng of the Republic of China, and late Dr. Chiang Mon-lin, the Chairman of the Sino-American Joint Commission on Rural Reconstruc-tion(JCRR) recognized agricultural development in Taiwan as an excellent model for developing countries. The Agricultural Exhibition Hall was built on the main campus of National Taiwan University and was opened in 1964.

In the begining, the Agricultural Exhibition Hall displayed the implementation and achievement of the land reform program and introduced the progress of agricultural and rural development in Taiwan. Since then, the exhibition content has been renewed and changed many times in response to the progress of agricultural and rural developments.


The main purpose of this Hall is to bring the up-to-date information on agricultural develop-ment to students, trainees, visitors from foreign countries as well as to the public as a whole. The exhibition contains informations about natural environment data of agriculture, new knowledge on farming techniques, important agricultural policies, etc. This not only gives our visitors a clearer view and better understanding of our agricultural progress in Taiwan, but also helps our university to facilitate teaching resources. The Agricultural Exhibition Hall is also an important site for local people and foreign visitors to understand the general picture of rural development in Taiwan. It may be of much benefit in promoting agricultural development.


The Agricultural Exhibition Hall is organized as follows: one director and two divisions. The director manages and directs the operation of the hall. The technical division is in charge of the following subjects: survey and analysis of the agricultural information, publishing, planning and design of exhibition contents, holding the exhibition activities. The administration division is in charge of the general affairs for documentation, property management, accounting, procurement, exhibition place maintenance, and the logistics support for exhibition activities. In addition to the above two divisions, there are fifteen consultants who can provide consulting and give advice and assistance of the hall business.


Facing the impact of international and native socioeconomic changes, Taiwan's agriculture plays an important role of improving living condition and protecting environment in addition to improving production and farmers?income. Adopting new concepts of agricultural and rural developments, including commercialization of agricultural production, the modernization of farmers?livelihood, the naturalization of rural environment, this hall continues to renew exhibition data and to use multi-media and other exhibition techniques. The hall hold exhibitions with the internal departments and external agricultural organization. A series of seminars for agricultural topics are hold to promote the research report and to enhance the education effectiveness.


The Hall will continually improve the exhibition contents. It is designed to provide education services for visitors, teachers, students, and other publics who have interest in agricultural development in Taiwan.
At the same time, the exhibition hall also plans to focus on agricultural produce exhibition and extension activities, so that it can make the agriculture activity as part of people's life and can extend the agricultural extension service of this university. We wish these exhibition and activities can improve the quality of human life and make agricultural development sustainable .

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