@There were seven departments in the College of this University when Taiwan was restored to the Chinese Government in 1945. They were Agronomy, Agricultural Chemistry, Agricultural Engineering, Plant Pathology & Entomology, Agricultural Economics, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, and Horticulture , and four affiliated organizations, namely; Experimental Farm, Experimental Orchard, Livestock Farm and Highland Farm.


@Since 1945 the College has steadily expanded its programs to meet the growing demands, for training more students to promote the agricultural development of the island. The Department of Forestry was first created in the fall of 1947. In 1949, the Experimental Forest, formerly known as the Experimental Forest of the Tokyo Imperial University, was transferred to the University from the Provincial Government. In the fall of 1960, the Department of Agricultural Extension evening school was established, and the following year, both the day and evening school of the Department of Agricultural Extension were operated concurrently. The Department of Animal husbandry and Veterinary Medicine split into two departments, i.e. the Department of Animal Science and the Department of Veterinary Medicine.

@The Department of Agricultural Machinery Engineering was separated from the Department of Agricultural Engineering in 1981. In addition to that, it was renamed as Department of Bio-Industrial Mechatronics Engineering in 2000.The Department of Agricultural Engineering was renamed as Department of Bio-Environmental Systems Engineering in 2001 as well.In 1998 the Department of Plant Pathology and Entomology split in to two departments, i.e. the Department of Plant Pathology and the Department of Entomology. The college was renamed the College of Bio-Resources and Agriculture in 2002. At present the College has twelve departments and thirteen graduate institutes.


@The Farm Machinery Workshop, Phytotron, Electron Microscope Laboratory and Isotope Laboratory, each has sizable space and equipment, will be considered as an independent affiliated institutions if so approved by this University and Government.

@This college has made considerable efforts in promoting the efficiency and capability of agricultural employee in this island. The Institutes of Entomology, Forest and Agricultural Economics have offered graduate programs for on-job students for their pursuing advanced studies since 1999


@Buildings of the College of Agriculture are widely spread across the main campus of the university, they are: The General building. of the college, Agronomy Hall, Agriculture Engineering Hall, Agriculture Chemistry Hall No. 1 and 2, Food Processing Plant, Entomology Hall, Forestry Hall, Horticulture Hall, Green House of Horticulture, Horticultural Products Processing Plant, Landscape Gardening Hall, Agriculture Machinery Hall, Food Science and Technology Hall, and Floriculture Hall.



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